The living room is, of course, the room most often encountered by people who come to visit your house. The appearance of your living room will represent the whole of your house. So it is only natural that someone pays special attention to living room furniture.

Currently, the Indonesian furniture industry is increasingly innovating with a variety of attractive designs. Here are the most popular types of designs that you can use as inspiration for your living room design:

1. Minimalist design – If you are a lover of modern designs with a simple look, then a minimalist design is the right choice for you. Minimalist design uses furniture with simple shapes and also uses basic colors or monochrome colors.
2. Industrial design – In addition to minimalist designs, industrial designs are also increasingly in demand by Indonesians today. In industrial style design, materials with industrial elements. However, this industrial design style usually gives off a cold and stiff impression. If you want a warmer impression, then you can add furniture made of wood to add a warm and natural feel to your room.
3. Contemporary – We may often hear the term contemporary modern. Although these two words are often combined, modern design and contemporary design have their own differences. Modern designs are more like a combination of minimalist designs and simple and rigid industrial designs, while contemporary designs can be more flexible by using furniture that has curved motifs or shapes.
4. Vintage – The next living room interior design inspiration is vintage. This design style is perfect for those of you who like warm and comfortable nuances. Vintage design is usually characterized by the use of old style furniture with elegant pastel colors. This type of design also uses furniture made of natural materials such as bamboo, rattan and wood.
5. Natural – This design is suitable for those of you who want not only warm but also fresh nuances. To get this one design, you have to focus on furniture with natural colors. Not only that, you also have to place some plants to bring a fresh feel to your room.

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